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St John Rescue welcomes all types of community support.  Whether your interest lies in hands-on responding services, transport, or you just wish to help with fundraising and outreach activities, there is a place for you in the Organization.

Volunteers may become Responding Members or Supporting Members.  Active Responding Members participate in all operational aspects of emergency service delivery.  Supporting members support the Organization in other ways, including vehicle and building maintenance, fund raising, and community outreach.

Responding Members have no set commitment to a required number of hours per month of active, on-site duty. It is required in order to maintain a professional organization that can serve the community of St John with pride, that our responding members meet minimal training certifications and maintain continual education credits. This allows a volunteer to commit without the fear of being on twenty-four hour call. If you can give ten hours a month, then you can make difference in the community we call home. 

Supporting Members may commit as much time as they wish. This additional support will provide our responding members extra time to train, respond, and prepare for request of services.

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St John Rescue, Inc meets the first Thursday of each month at the ST. JOHN RESCUE HEADQUARTERS [LOCATED at the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center on CENTERLINE ROAD]. The meeting starts promptly at 7pm. All interested members are encouraged to attend and bring your completed application.

A candidate for Responder or Supporting Member in the Organization must submit an application to the Board of Directors for review.  Falsification of facts on the membership application may be grounds for dismissal of the applicant.  All applicants must be mentally and physically fit to perform the duties required and must be of good moral character.  Applicants may be required to furnish proof of physical and/or mental suitability for membership as Responder.  A candidate who possesses a driver’s license must furnish a copy of the license and a current driving record.  After the candidate has been approved by a majority of the Board of Directors, the candidate will be given a copy of the By-Laws and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and then be introduced to the membership at the next monthly Membership meeting.  A new Responder must be an ASHI First Responder, or better, maintain current Federal NIMS certification, and have current CPR certifications acceptable to the Board of Directors.  A new Responder will be on Probation for the first twelve (12) months.

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