Marine and Water Rescue Unit

St John Rescue has a 26 foot Power Cat Marine Rescue Boat. The vessel is used for assisting in water rescue and quick response to remote beaches and bays along the shores of St.  John. The Marine Rescue Unit has a USCG Merchant Marine Master Captain License Captain. The Captain is supported by fellow USCG licensed captains and crew. The unit trains every week to ensure proficiency with all tools and emergency medical supplies on board. St. John Rescue Marine Unit can communicate and be of assistance to any agency in the Virgin Islands including US Coast Guard, NPS, and VITEMA.

We offer weekly training for the Marine Unit, as well as weekly In-Service training with the National Park Service including boat-to-boat, water-to-boat, and beach-to-boat rescues, trauma and medical scenarios.  If you are knowledgeable in this area, or are interested in learning, please consider joining us as a Responding or Supporting Member.

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